👋 Hey! I'm Ayoub

I solve problems and reduce pain with digital tools since 2012 👨💻

👨 Indie Hacker

🧠 Minimalist Mindset

💻 Digital Solopreneur

🌍 Partially Nomad

🎙️ Speaker

🤖 Tech Enthusiast

Ship Faster, Earlier, and more Frequently

Who Am I? 🤔

Hey there, my name’s Ayoub Moustaid (b. 1993, Morocco).I’m a serial digital entrepreneur passionate about SaaS, microSaaS & iOS Mobile Apps business, with 11+ years of experience in the digital & software engineering field.Former senior software engineer and IT consultant at multiple private and public companies.I built a dozen of products 🚀 .. sold a few ones 💰 .. and failed/learned from many 📖

Projects 💻

Hear it - Pronounce Words

Learn pronounciation & accents

🚀 Live

iOS app

Navigy - Smart Menu Navigation

Shopify app to create stories navigation menu

🚀 Live

Micro SaaS

Shopify app


Swift UI Boilerplate for iOS apps

🚀 Live


Toolkit - all in one Toolbox

All useful tools in one toolbox app

🚀 Live

iOS app

EasyBoard - Project Management

Track projects & manage tasks the easy way

🚀 Live

iOS app

Monthly Budget Planner & Saver

Monthly budget spending tracker app

🚀 Live

iOS app

Securify - Block IP & Country

Shopify store security app

🚀 Live

Micro SaaS

Shopify app

Hours Tracker - Time Tracking

Activity time tracking minimal app

🚀 Live

iOS app


Posting & Scheduling for Twitter & Linkedin

🪦 Graveyard



Generate project cost and time estimation

🪦 Graveyard



Online document generator

💰 Sold



100% online digital agency - website creation

🪦 Graveyard



Lead management tool

🪦 Graveyard



Leader in gift cards & subscriptions in Morocco

🚀 Live


Movies Now : Cinema & TV Show

Movies & Cinema recommendation app

💰 Sold

iOS app


Growth tools & web resources database

🪦 Graveyard



All in one business management software

💰 Sold



1st Charity marketplace in Morocco

🪦 Graveyard



iOS apps explorer

🪦 Graveyard


Some Talks 🎙️

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Writing & Thoughts ✍️

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Answers to FAQ 💡

💰 I adopt self-bootstrapping over fundraising👨💻 I don't give a shit about what tech stack to use or what architecture to adopt. I just use what lets me ship faster, earlier, and go to market as soon as possible🛠️ I enjoy building and shipping .. it's just a daily game, with no predefined terms, rules, or standards, and surely no constraints or barriers❤️ I live with passion on my own terms, I avoid non-meaningful professional engagements of all sorts👨💼 Working as a solopreneur, duopreneur, or in a small team is never a shame for me and shouldn't be for anyone, it's an advantage of flexibility, agility, and efficiency over big companies, and big teams📍 I'm mainly based in Morocco 🇲🇦, but I enjoy traveling, and living a partial nomadic lifestyle .. Sometimes envy for coffee elsewhere maybe the only reason ✈️🤏 I tend to be more minimalist personally and professionally🧠 I'm a true believer in the give first philosophy, and value mindsetThe only reason I speak, and give talks, is to give-back, help, and share my modest experience, knowledge, and passion with others no more than that✨ Just ship faster, earlier, and more frequently

My Work Stack 🛠️

  • Finance & Organization - Notion

  • Task Management - TickTick (with GTD Method)

  • Graphics & Slides - Canva

  • Password Management - 1password

  • Freelancers & Delegation - Fiverr/Upwork

  • Hosting - Cloudways with Digital Ocean

  • Domain/DNS management - Cloudflare

  • Domain names supplier - Namecheap

  • Analytics - Firebase/Google Analytics/Mixpanel

  • Video Editing - Camtasia/CapCut

  • Email Tracking - Mailtrack

  • Websites - Carrd and Wordpress

  • Coding - Visual Studio Code/Xcode

  • Customer support - Crisp

  • Images Generation - Shot

  • Screen Recording - Screen Studio

My Task Management System 🛠️

This method helped me a lot in productivity, mental clarity & organization personally & professionally. I Hope it helps you tooI use the Getting Things Done (GTD) Method of David Allen in my day-to-day actions & here is how;I'm using 6 lists 👇✅ Next Actions List:I've here the tasks I'm engaged to do, and every day I take some of those tasks and execute them⌛ Waiting List:I add here all the elements that are on pause waiting for another entity or person to get completed🗓️ Scheduled List:I put here my scheduled tasks, and activities that are time sensitive, like conferences, calls, and events, ...💭 Tickler List:I've all the rest of the elements that I'm not sure I'm gonna execute (maybe executed someday or may not, like project ideas, ...)To avoid charging the Todo list with hundreds of tasks to look for every time I wanna execute something.❗Not all tasks are actionable⭐ References List:Contains all the references I may need like notes, tools, processes, books, videos, podcasts, and names,...📥 Inbox List:It's the input list, I write here any idea, task, note, or info,... discussed, found, or came to my mind during the day.And I do this👇🔴 At the end of the day, I organize the inputs from the "📥 Inbox" into the adequate list from the above lists🔴 Every day I pick from the "✅ Next actions list" the tasks/activities to execute for the next day and flag them with the "Today" label.🔴 I regularly, check all the lists, declutter and organize them, sometimes I've to take tasks from the '💭 Tickler list" and put them on "✅ Next action list" or the inverse.🔴 I make reminders on the "🗓️ Scheduled list" elements to avoid missing one of those.🔴 I make also reminders on the "⌛ Waiting list" elements to follow on those elements after some time.🔴 I prioritize elements on "✅ Next actions" and flag them with High, Medium, or Low priority.🔴 I have a list of tags I assign for every element before adding to any of the lists to give it context.🔴 The method is not tool-related, many software & apps could be a good fit to use the GTD method.Thank you for reading till here.I hope you enjoyed this and find it useful.